August 7th

August 10th, 2017

I always say there are never ever two dedicated wildlife cruises the same, whether that’s the following days cruises or incredibly and excitedly the case on Monday the 7ths back to back wildlife cruises, both were very special and full to bursting with wildlife!! However within just half an hour of coming in from the morning’s 4 hour dedicated wildlife cruise and turning straight around to head back out on the afternoon’s dedicated 3 hour cruise, Falmouth Bay had transformed itself into a sheet of glass, resembling liquid mercury!! With grey clouds still overhead, but not a breath of wind, my favourite and very best conditions for quite literally spotting ANYTHING that moved, I knew straight away we were all going to be treated to a truly magical afternoon and early evening cruise! Within minutes of Free Spirit clearing the Carrick Roads and Pendennis Point just behind us, our FIRST Cetaceans were spotted, two lovely little Harbour Porpoise! For the next TWO HOURS and every FIVE MINUTES we continually sighted and recorded Cetaceans!!!! As far as the eye could see, over this liquid, silvery mill pond of a sea, black dots were literally showing up like a veritable “Belisha Beacon”! Talk about excitement and a veritable feast for all our eyes…as everywhere we looked, Cetaceans from THREE different species were POPPING UP, here, there and everywhere!! The euphoria and BUZZZZZ that we were all completely consumed by was intense and incredible!! At one point, after interacting with and recording multiple groups of Mother-Calf Dolphins, they brought their tiny newborn calves with their clearly visible and distinctive foetal folds over to play and visit with us all, WOW, such a privileged experience!!!

I just became overcome with emotions, euphemism and excited adrenaline, I just had to sit down and take five, hehe, in order to quietly gather and compose myself phew, as this once again was a true magical moment and wildlife extravaganza about to erupt!! SPRATS was the cause of all this frenzied multiple Cetacean activity and feastings….Now hold onto your hats, if ALL of this wasn’t exciting enough, who should next come in to enjoy this mass gathering and Cetacean party…as my eyes were continually scanning, hoping and waiting to call out, “Thar She Blows” me Hearties!!! MINKE WHALE at your ten past twelve, ahhhhhh rounding off this truly MAGICAL, fabulous and stunningly spectacular wildlife experience!!! This I’m sure, is just the beginning of many more similar encounters, as more and more Cetaceans come in to the rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth Bay!!!

MINKE WHALE, juvenile feeding with Common Dolphins, + – 175 Common Dolphins from continual multiple pods and maternal pods including juveniles and newborn calves, with nine interactions throughout the day, seen on both cruises, + – 24 Harbour Porpoise from six interactions with multiple pods throughout the day, with the biggest group of 9, Lots of Manx Shearwaters continually passing through and feeding, GREAT SHEARWATER, great views as it came very close, Total of 12 BALEARIC SHEARWATERS from both trips, Total of 25 STORM PETRELS from both trips, 6 Common Terns, Lots of Gannets offshore continually passing through, Fulmars, 15 Mediterranean Gulls, 9 Kittiwakes, Total of 7 Atlantic Grey Seals from both cruises, Lots of Compass Jellyfish.

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