December 1st

December 2nd, 2017

Today was the day that Black Throated and Great Northern Divers brought excitement to all on-board! But before that.. Dear little Seal Pup No 3 is doing well, still mainly Zzzzzzzzing away ahhhh.. But happily and most definitely putting on a little weight now on mums rich and fatty milk, as it was such a tiny wee little thing, when I was first so privileged to locate it happily hidden away. These early days are so important for its well-being as they are so vulnerable and so dependent on mums milk, to build them up. So far the weather has been on its side as it’s all been calm with offshore winds. However, regrettably, as is the time of year, I do see next week there is some rather wild and stormy weather coming in so I’m praying that this dear little pup builds up its weight and strength now as it is once again situated on a very precarious, tiny little strip of sand, with a sheer cliff face behind that does unfortunately get inundated by the sea on a big spring tide, and completely awash on a stormy rough weather day.. Stay safe little one. Our thoughts and prayers are all with you…..

Divers.. such majestic, powerful and stunning birds. I think with all the recent snow and icy weather conditions to the North and East of us, it has happily pushed good numbers of these large birds down in to our beloved and beautiful Cornish waters with its vast sheltered bays. This was the case yesterday as we located and observed multiple Divers, with the predominant species being good group gatherings and flotillas of Black Throated Divers, along with quite a few Great Northern Divers too, certainly bringing happiness and excitement to my fellow companions today, who last had the great pleasure of observing these spectacular and incredibly beautiful Black Throated Divers away in the North of Scotland in their Summer nest sites.. So really adding to the excitement for them to now see them again all the way down in our beloved Kernow in their slightly drabber Winter Plumage. As like them, I just adore these large and spectacular birds!

Seal Pup No3 Doing well and plumping up, 7 Atlantic Grey Seals, 8 BLACK THROATED DIVERS, 5 GREAT NORTHERN DIVERS, 2 Peregrine Falcons, 3 Ravens, 4 Common Scoters, PURPLE SANDPIPER, Turnstones, 4 Knots, Curlew, Oystercatchers, Gannets, Guillemots, Razorbills, Little Grebe, Kittiwakes, 38 Mediterranean feeding group, Rock Pipits, 45 Greater Black Back Gulls, roosting at nest site, Herons, Egrets, 6 Teals

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