November 24th

November 28th, 2017

With only a few more dedicated wildlife cruises to go before Free Spirits heads over to Mylor to have her old Perkins Engine M260hp removed, and incredibly excitedly.. as I have been wanting to do this now for three long years.. have her new and much improved eco-friendly Volvo D6 fitted at 330hp which will transform her overall performance massively and give her a whole new lease of life! So with excitement bubbling up in our veins and a lovely calm weather day ahead of us all.. all be it much, much cooler now winter has arrived.. it was multiple maternal pods of Harbour Porpoise observations, we all joyfully shared. Bringing squeals of happiness and joy to all the young children sharing some sea time with their families and friends today.

We ended up with a lovely high count of 6 different interactions, giving us a total of some 17 individual Harbour Porpoise along with several different maternal-groups with mothers and their tiny little calves. Ahhhh.. All observed and recorded within the precious Manacles Reef MCZ, proving once again how important and highly significant the whole of the Manacles Reef MCZ is to these shy and endearing little Cetaceans.

Off note: A ‘SUPER POD’ of Common Dolphins was kindly sighted to me. Numbers of some +-One Thousand individuals were observed just last week! With the recent Humpback Whale sighted off Jersey, this is fantastic and exciting information and bodes very well for the upcoming New Year and 2018 season ahead, as the beginning of the year can be some of the most productive months for Cetaceans. Certainly exciting times ahead!!

With Christmas loom fast, our Gift Vouchers, I‘m delighted to say.. make a unique and exciting gift for all. This year, as a little thank you, I’m going to happily give away a FREE SEAT to every lucky tenth person who purchases a Gift Voucher between now and the 20th of December. Three lots of Christmas Gift Vouchers have already been purchased so that lucky tenth person phoning is not too far away! All Gift Vouchers can be purchased by either emailing or phone 01326 753389. Valid for the whole of 2018. Good luck everyone.

Total 17 Harbour Porpoise from 6 different interactions, including maternal groups with mothers and calves, 14 Atlantic Grey Seals, 2 Great Northern Divers, 2 Peregrine Falcons, Gannets, lots offshore feeding and continually passing through, Razorbills and Guillemots, lots offshore feeding and continually moving through, Kittiwakes, BONXIE Great Skua, 7 Little Grebes, 6 Egrets, 5 Herons, Oystercatchers, 36 Mediterranean Gulls, roost, 8 Common Scoters

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