November 2nd

November 2nd, 2017

With the whole of Falmouth Bay resembling a stunning calm mill pond, anticipation and excitement for the day ahead was bubbling up in my veins, justifiably and I’m delighted to say, “happily so”, as we went on to observe our new White Coat Seal Pup taking its first tentative swims with mum and a big male in close attendance.. Joyful, just joyful to see!

Plus excitingly, another HUGE AVIAN WORK UP.. this time comprising entirely of an extensive flock of plunge diving and squawking Gannets some +- five hundred birds, all pouring and raining in from above, in and amongst lots of busily rushing, hunting and feeding adult Common Dolphins, comprising of some +- 48 individuals, giving us all some remarkable and fascinating sights as they all feast together on a vast shoal of Herrings, their silvery sequin like scales glinting and shining in the crystal clear waters below. Squeals and exclamations of joy filled the air as everyone’s cameras were in a whirl of frames click, click, clicking away.

Leaving this area behind us, we slowed headed South through many different sizes of multi coloured drifting Portuguese Men of War. Remarkably hundreds, if not thousands are still showing offshore in rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth Bay. Today was most certainly the day of the Common Dolphin as we went on to observe and record eight different interactions with these charismatic and euphoric Dolphins!! Pod sizes varied today from maternal groups with their tiny calves in tow, numbering 15 individuals, to hunting and feeding adults groups of +- 36 or more individuals. Biggest group observed and recorded today some 50+- individuals, making it another fabulous and exciting day for us all.

White Coat Seal Pup taking its first tentative swims, ahhhh such a thrill and joy to see, +-200 Common Dolphins. eight different interactions including pods with mothers and calves, one huge feeding frenzy, Great Northern Diver, full winter plumage, Peregrine Falcon, Gannets, +-500 in one feeding frenzy, many more passing through offshore, Guillemots and Razorbills, lots offshore feeding and passing through, Oystercatchers, BLACK SWAN, 9 Egrets, 7 Herons, 2 Ravens, 6 Kittiwakes, Whimbrel, 5 Redshanks, Portuguese Man of Wars, hundreds if not thousands offshore

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