October 26th

October 31st, 2017

With another beautiful day before us.. We were all a tremble of anticipation and excitement as we pointed Free Spirits Bow for the horizon. To all of our amazement today was the vast numbers of Portuguese Men Of War offshore, all silently drifting along, beautiful in their own right but carrying their deadly toxins in their long trailing tentacles.

Bait fish shoals were again seen breezing on the surface which is just a joy. And sure enough, it wasn’t long before we were enjoying the sights and sounds of a large hunting group of Common Dolphins, their high pitched squeals resonating up through Free Spirit’s hull, bringing happiness and joy to all on board!

4 Harbour Porpoise, +- 35 Common Dolphins, Portuguese Man Of War, lots offshore, Kittiwakes, lots offshore, Gannets, Guillemots, Razorbills

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