October 29th, 30th

November 1st, 2017

Well what an exciting series of recent wildlife cruises we have been sharing with everyone. I never really know what we will observe and record next, every cruise being a unique and special one. That is the pure essence and the spice of our natural world.. adding so much excitement and intrigue on every single wildlife cruise I do. I hope you all were able to watch Sir David Attenborough’s recent Blue Planet 2 series.. WOW! I’m sure like me you would have been utterly captivated, completely spell bound and truly amazed by all that was so incredibly revealed, captured with absolute dedication by all those in his brilliant team. My heart felt Congratulations and gratitude goes out to them all.

I can only imagine that our recent observations of that vast Herring / Sprat bait ball, with all the birds above and the Common Dolphins, Minke Whale and Giant Bluefin Tuna, all rushing in to feast from below was and is in fact, somewhat similar to that vast Herring bait ball we were all so privileged to watch on TV, being consumed by the Orcas and Humpback Whales in Norway.. truly magical and the whole program, so captivating, fascinating and intriguing to watch.

I’m also, truly delighted to inform you all, we have located another, tiny little White Coated Seal Pup! Regrettably though again, it, like the last one, which sadly I believe we have lost due to a huge spring tide and storm, is again in a somewhat precarious position should another big spring tide or swell come in, as there is very little beach where it currently is, even on these smaller tides. So once again, we are all on tender hook’s and on two knees praying this little one will survive and successfully ween, moult and become a new addition to our small population of resident Atlantic Grey Seals. Ahhhh I do so hope so as they are just so vulnerable at this very young age.
11 Atlantic Grey Seals in various locations from Falmouth to the Dodman Point and back, 2 BONXIE Great Skua’s chasing and marauding Kittiwakes, Kittiwakes, lots offshore, GREAT NORTHERN DIVER, 5 Peregrine Falcons, 4 Ravens, 4 Kestrels, Gannets, Razorbills, lots offshore feeding and passing through, Guillemots, lots offshore feeding and passing through

Giant Bluefin Tuna feeding, White Coat Seal Pup, 2nd for this Autumn, 4 Atlantic Grey Seals, 2 Peregrine Falcons, 2 Ravens, Kittiwakes, quite literally hundreds offshore, feeding I think on Anchovies, never recorded so many!! 4 BONXIE Great Skuas, chasing and marauding through the Kittiwakes, Gannets, Guillemots, lots offshore feeding and passing through, Razorbills, lots offshore feeding and passing through

Also 4 Minke Whales.. three adults and a calf, reported to us, passing through Falmouth Bay, heading South West.. exciting times ahead!

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