October 7th

October 9th, 2017

Talk about there never being two days the same… yesterday the whole of Falmouth Bay resembled a silvery sheet of glass, with fin’s rolling here, there and everywhere with the sun glistening off their shiny black backs.. another Minke Whale, Common Dolphins, Harbour Porpoise and Giant Bluefin Tuna, just joyful! Today sadly, as it was the inaugural students, Seaquest Society dedicated wildlife cruise, Falmouth Bay was completely shrouded in low cloud, mist, drizzzel, murk, rain at times and a stiff WNW wind, creating choppy to roughish conditions along with poor visibility.. Challenging conditions to say the least!

But where there is a will, as far as I’m concerned, there is always a way. So although the conditions were poor, I’m thrilled and delighted to say, by staying focused on the job in hand, it wasn’t too long before we all became “pickled“ in, both multiple sightings of Harbour Porpoise and incredibly for the time of year, dear little Puffins!! Ahhhh. Recording our, “first“, fabulous returning Great Norther Diver for this Autumn.. plus those critically endangered Balearic Shearwaters. Followed by several pairs of Peregrine Falcons and a “BONXIE” Great Skua to name but a few!

I’m also happy to report to all of you, following the dear little Seal Pup… that happily, it is still doing well! Still “plumping up” nicely and now starting to slowly moult off its snow white coat. Still got to takes its first swim but doing nicely which is just a joy. To avoid any form of disturbance, we only stop for a couple of minutes max and view with binoculars from a long way off… even then you can only just see this dear wee thing. Ahhhh.

Happily for those wishing or thinking of joining my dedicated wildlife cruises, you will be happily pleased to know they are still very much available 7 days of the week. Until Free Spirits finally comes out of the water in December for her annual maintenance and TLC. So if you would like to find out more about my cruises please feel free to email info@akwildlifecruises.co.uk. Looking forward to sharing lots more exciting wildlife adventures with you all. Exciting times ahead!

18 Harbour Porpoise, multiple interactions, three different groups recorded, biggest group 10, all hunting and feeding pods, rushing and leaping in the cresting waves, making for some exciting and fabulous viewing, Altlantic Grey Seal hauled out, Seal Pup moulting, 2 PUFFINS, both adults, 4 BALEARIC SHEARWATERS, “BONXIE” GREAT SKUA, GREAT NORTHERN DIVER, 1st for this Autumn, 2 pairs Peregrine Falcons, 1st pair adult male, juvenile female, 2nd pair adult male, adult female, Gannets Lots offshore continually passing through and feeding, Guillemots, Razorbills, Kittiwakes, Mediterranean Gulls, Egrets, Herons

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