October 8th

October 9th, 2017

Yesterday we were happily pickled in puffins and porpoise despite the inclement weather conditions. Today, with two happy beaming smiles, we all continually feasted joyfully on a fabulous array of multiple different fins, fins, fins!! In what was truly some of the most magical and outstanding conditions, as the whole of Falmouth Bay and beyond resembled a sheet of liquid glass. wow, wow, wow… phenomenal conditions!!! Truly had me pulling fins from miles away and incredibly and excitingly….. from the very moment, just as we headed out,  to equally incredibly…. the very last minute bfore we finally headed back in. Covering some fifty six truly exciting miles, as we stayed offshore throughout on this fabulous, fun filled, incredibly exciting and beautiful round trip. As the light, the colours and amazingly, the sea stayed as a pure silvery sheet of liquid, shimmering glass throughout this magical extended, five hour dedicated wildlife cruise. Which gave us all and left us all, completely spell bound, by the sheer diversity of species offshore and the multiple interactions, we all delightfully shared of fins, fins and even more fins!!

27 Common Dolphins, maternal groups, multiple interactions, 47 Harbour Porpoise, maternal groups, multiple interactions, 6 Blue Sharks, different individuals finning along, Portuguese Man of War, ARCTIC SKUA, Gannets, Kittiwakes, Razorbills, lots offshore, Guillemots, lots offshore, 5 PUFFINS

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