April 11th

April 12th, 2018

Hello me hearties. I’m delighted to inform you all that our wildlife sightings remain incredibly exciting and we are still fantastically, on a fabulous high of a 97% Cetacean sightings record so far this year, with four different species recorded.. Minke Whale, Risso’s Dolphins, Common Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises. The recent Risso’s interactions just spectacular and truly breathing taking to witness and record, and the recent Risso’s and Common Dolphins feeding frenzzzzy phenomenal, just phenomenal… such a privilege for us all to observe and record and so truly wonderful to have been able to capture it all on video to then be able to share it with you all. AK Crew Georgia Bardua did an outstanding job. My heart felt congratulations goes out to her on job well done, as it was beautifully edited which all takes time. More images and video will follow soon from that fabulous day.. memories that will happily stay with us all forever.

If you would like to find out more about my dedicated wildlife cruises which are available daily throughout the week, throughout the year, please feel free to email info@akwildlifecruises.co.uk. Or phone either 01326 316098 or 753389. I’m out most days but if you will kindly leave a clear, slow and detailed message, I will happily call you straight back on my return.

+- 19 Common Dolphins, 2 different interactions, including a maternal group of 15 of which 5 were calves, +- 9 Harbour Porpoise, 2 different interactions, one hunting group consisted of 6, 11 Atlantic Grey Seals, 3 Great Northern Divers, Peregrine Falcons copulating , magical to witness and record, a first, 2 BALEARIC SHEARWATERS, Manx Shearwaters, lots offshore, 8 PUFFINS passing through, Guillemots, lots offshore, Razorbills, lots offshore, Gannets, lots offshore, 4 Fulmars, BONXIE Great Skua, Oystercatchers, Rock Pipits, Skylarks singing, Redshanks, Egrets, Herons, 56 Mute Swans, Phytoplankton visible … Regrettably and with sadness in my heart .. signs of PLASTIC waste pollution everywhere we went … !!!

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