April 22nd

April 23rd, 2018

With the buzzzzz and excitement of possible Basking Sharks still UP, it was off and around to Mevagissey we took Free Spirit and everyone today. Regrettably, although we searched hard the whole way and back again, sadly no fins were spied as they are sadly becoming such fickle beasts here in our once Basking Shark productive Cornish waters. In some respects it is still quite early, May in to June being the more established months. However, with climate change and their important Zooplankton being the driving factor, they can and so often do, turn up when you least expect them. So still keep your eyes peeled everyone if you are out on your boats or just walking out along our stunning and beautiful Cornish coast-path as invariably, if they are to be seen, it’s quite often close in to the shoreline.

Divers were the spectacular interactions we all were so privileged to share today. Both Great Northern Divers in their resplendent full summer plumage, such a handsome bird if ever there was one… and their smaller relatives, the Black Throated Divers. Count for the day, a respectable high of some 21 birds, of which four were Black Throated. It was a day for Seals and the birds today, with multiple species recorded both offshore, continually passing through, and inshore, where many Sandwich Terns were busily hunting over the shallows for Sandeels. The sounds of Skylarks filled the air as we hugged the coastline the whole way back from Mevagissey in our search for those elusive and mysterious denizens of the deep, those fabulous Basking Sharks.

9 Atlantic Grey Seals, 4 different locations, 17 Great Northern Divers, the majority full summer plumage, 4 Black Throated Divers, 4 Common Terns, offshore passing through, 9 Sandwich Terns, inshore, +- 350 Guillemots, both offshore continually passing through and at their cliff nesting ledges,  +- 115 Razorbills, both offshore continually passing through and at their cliff nest site, +- 28 Fulmars, both offshore continually passing through and at their cliff nest site, Kittiwakes, Gannets, Ravens, Canada Goose, lone bird trying to land on the Nare Head, quite bizarrrrre.. Ravens all in a tither, mobbing and dive bombing it.. poor Goose, somewhat lost me thinks, 4 Buzzards, 9 Purple Sandpipers, one flock, Heron, Oystercatchers, Rock Pipits

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