April 29th

April 29th, 2018

Hello me hearties. All change again weather wise and with unsettled weather now once again over us. Plankton for now has collapsed and sunk back down into the depths. With it understandably, those incredible Basking Sharks will follow. However, the second I hear or think any will be coming back up I am going to happily let you all know. Short notice I know, but if you are free and would like to come, we will certainly be heading back out to try and re locate them again for you all to enjoy, with the chance of snorkeling with them too, following the strict guidelines, protocols and codes of conduct at all times.. full wetsuits, fins, mask and snorkel required. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to email me at info@akwildlifecruises.co.uk.

So today with a stiff, east north easterly wind, we were only able to work the inshore zone. Great Northern and Black Throated Divers in their glorious full summer plumage were a treat for us all today, along with Atlantic Grey Seals hauled out at several locations and the seabird nesting cliffs, which are beginning to fill rapidly now, full of hustle and bustle, with them all jockeying to get the best nest sites whilst other birds are busy bringing in their nesting material and whilst others are equally busy courting, making for some interesting, exciting and varied viewing with so many different seabird species competing for the best nesting ledges with lots of noise.. fascinating and intriguing.

9 Atlantic Grey Seals, 5 Great Northern Divers, all in full summer plumage bar one that was moulting, 2 Black Throated Divers, +- 174 Guillemots, Bridled Guillemot, +- 17 Razorbills, Ravens, both nest sites, chicks very active, nearly fledged, Gannets, Manx Shearwaters, Oystercatchers, Rock Pipits, Swallows

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