April 30th

May 1st, 2018

CHOUGH, at eleven o’clock high, was my joy and excited call over the PA to all below today. With beautiful bright blue skies overhead but a strong Northerly wind once again, we were restricted to working along the inshore zone, hugging the stunning and resplendent coastline and towering cliffs topped headlands which are bursting forth now with their stunning and colourful wild spring flowers… Sea Pinks, Bluebells, White and Red Campion and Scabious, bringing colourful joy to us all. Seals were active in various locations, as we slowly took in the sights and sounds of this rich coastal zone. Divers, both Great Northern and Black Throated, added the edge, with the Great Northerns in particular now displaying their gorgeous full summer plumage. At several locations today, with Basking Sharks very much in our minds, we conducted several Plankton tows. Always fascinating and so intriguing to see the results as whenever you look into the sea, it just looks clear to the eye. It’s not until you look at your samples that all is revealed. Not only Plankton but as we all know today, the dreaded micro plastics… so please spare a thought for all those filter feeders who understandably are now exposed to their threats as they filter feed through this Plankton rich soup, which regrettably is now also full of micro plastics and micro fibres.

Chough, single bird spiraling high above the cliff tops enjoying the blustery northerly winds, Great Northern Divers, most birds now in full summer plumage, 2 Black Throated Divers, 12 Atlantic Grey Seals, various locations throughout our cruise, BRIDLED GUILLEMOT, +- 132 Guillemots,  +- 26 Razorbills, Gannets, passing through offshore, Ravens, several pairs now with rapidly growing and well showing chicks, Peregrine Falcons, males, females currently sitting, Swallows, many coming in from offshore, Oystercatchers, Rock Pipits

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