August 20th – 26th

August 27th, 2018

Hello me hearties. If last week’s sightings were viewed as phenomenal, well this weeks has been absolutely outstanding, remarkable and truly explosive… more on that later. Those of you so kindly following my sightings will know how I have been happily saying more and more Minke Whales will now arrive particularly over these next few months as these are their PEAK months for feeding throughout the rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth Bay. So prepare to be joyfully amazed when I share with you all that on Tuesday the 21st we observed and recorded not one, but FIVE MINKE WHALES in just half an hour, all happily feeding and surfacing in a box of water about a mile wide. To the absolute amazement and overwhelming joy for all those who were with me, we shared some truly magical close up and personal interactions with them all.. three up at one time, all close and around Free Spirit, followed by the other two at some distance of which we were also delighted to share their magnificent company. All had really unique, different and distinctive shaped dorsal fins, ranging in size from a small 17 footer to a large 25 footer.

Then if that wasn’t exciting enough, I went on to a locate and observe another completely different MINKE WHALE on Friday’s second afternoon cruise, miles from where we had observed the above group of five, giving us a SIXTH MINKE WHALE for the week, number THIRTY EIGHT for 2018.. thirty eight is my all-time record so God willing, if I’m privileged enough, there is every chance with these next couple of months I could happily eclipse my previous 2014 record. So exciting as they are such a lovely and often very inquisitive Whale coming over to say hello.

Three other species of Cetaceans have also be seen and recorded this week, with those big, bold and beautiful Bottlenose Dolphins happily being seen again and again along with both Common Dolphins and their tiny cousins, the endearing little Harbour Porpoise, who we have been recording daily, bringing squeals of joy to the many families and their dear children joining me throughout this busy week. I’m truly overjoyed as I just adore sharing my passion and knowledge for all wildlife with you all. Children find these experiences so special, with memories they will cherish forever.

Now back to the explosive part of this week’s exciting and remarkable wildlife sightings round up as in all honesty it really is, the only “word” you can use to describe these remarkable fishes, the Giant Bluefin Tuna. Firstly on our dedicated pelagic cruise midweek, we observed a real buffalo of a Giant Bluefin Tuna explode out of the water, big fish at around 9 feet in length. Then to cap that off, yesterday morning’s dedicated 4 hour wildlife cruise, I spied away, away at some 4 nautical miles distance, a huge work up of Gannets, Gulls and Shearwaters. That’s always a green flag to throttle Free Spirit up to warp speed and go, go, go, the excitement rushing through all our veins as here on our arrival, 30 minutes later, we were greeted and treated to one of nature’s true magical Blue Planet moments. Several large pods of Common Dolphins were observed feeding beneath all the wheeling birds overhead when completely out of nowhere, the water truly boiled and exploded as some +- eighty Giant Bluefin Tuna cavorted headlong in their rapid pursuit of their prey, turning the calm seas surface to mush.. white water everywhere covering about half an acre in size. Talk about excitement as nothing can quite compare to their masses as they all pour and explode out of the water together in this mass feeding frenzy.

This I’m sure is all just a prelude to what we have in store for you all over these next few months as September through to November can be some of the most beautiful months weather-wise, and incredibly rich and productive wildlife-wise. There truly is no better time than now to come on down as dear Bruce Forsyth would say, as these mass feeding frenzies and true wildlife extravaganzas will build and build. Being a passionate naturalist first and foremost, as long as I have just two people booked on board, I’m always happy and very excited to be heading offshore, with my dedicated wildlife cruises being available daily throughout the week. To find out more, please feel free to email or phone 01326 316098. Please leave a voice message as I’m offshore and I will happily phone you straight back on my return.

SIX Minke Whales, FIVE in half an hour, +- 47 Bottlenose Dolphins. maternal group, +- 379 Common Dolphins, multiple sightings throughout the week, total 18 sightings, number of individuals with calves and new born babies, +- 65 Harbour Porpoise, multiple sightings throughout the week, total 23 sightings, number of individuals with calves and juveniles, 3 Oceanic Sunfish, +- 80 GIANT BLUEFIN TUNA, multiple sightings with a feeding frenzy, 12 Atlantic Grey Seals, +- 87 STORM PETRELS, everywhere throughout the week, 5 BALEARIC Shearwaters, 3 SOOTY Shearwaters, Manx Shearwaters, lots offshore continually passing through and feeding, Gannets, lots offshore continually passing through and feeding, Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Guillemots, Sandwich Terns, 4 OSPREYS, one with Mullet in talons, fabulous and so exciting to see, 7 Buzzards, 6 Peregrine Falcons, 8 Mediterranean Gulls, Oystercatchers, 95 Curlews roost, Sandpipers, Rock Pipits, Compass Jellyfish everywhere

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