February 16th

February 16th, 2018

Two species of Cetaceans again today brought squeals of joy to all on board. Our first sighting and interaction was tight inshore amazingly with another large maternal group of Common Dolphins comprising of some +- 48 individuals and 5 new born calves no more than 14 inches long and displaying a pale yellowish colouration with distinctive foetal folds visible.. Ahhhh. This big family group were hunting just 100 metres from our stunning Cornish coastline, making for some beautiful images with the magnificent backdrop. Leaving this group as we found them hunting away, we went on to observe and record our first Harbour Porpoise for this new 2018 season. I adore our little shy Harbour Porpoise so I was particularly delighted and yes, so excited heheee, to finally locate these shy and endearing little Cetaceans who are so often disregarded over their larger more playful and euphoric relatives the Common Dolphins. This was again, a hunting group, consisting of 4 individuals who were all hunting in unison down the rolling southerly building waves, several coming right by just a few metres away, giving everyone some fabulous and glorious views and now three species of Cetaceans in as many days.

However, I do think my highlight from today was just the shear numbers of Razorbills that we sighted and observed, continually flying past, all coming through and heading west, one flock after another when we were offshore. Most of the flocks consisted of some twenty to thirty birds so conservatively I would happily say some +- six hundred Razorbills flew past us today.. striking with the sun glistening off and highlighting their pure white bellies. Seal again were numerous, with a high count of some 28 hauled out including three very small weened pups and a further eight playing in the water.. total 36 which is a lovely high count for our area. Regrettably they won’t stay with us too much longer as the highest percent will disperse through March to their summer feeding areas, leaving us with just a small handful of residents locally.

These next few months can be incredibly exciting for a fabulous diversity of different species and as our sightings are showing, all in good high numbers too. So it’s most definitely exciting times ahead! Please wrap up warm everyone as it’s still chilly offshore even though the glorious sunshine was beautiful today and my cheeks are positively glowing…

48 Common Dolphins, maternal group with 5 tiny new born calves, 4 Harbour Porpoises, 36 Atlantic Grey Seals, 28 hauled out,  8 in the water, Peregrine Falcon, male, 2 Ravens, 3 Great Northern Divers, +- 125 Kittiwakes, multiple flocks sitting and passing through, +- 600 Razorbills, mainly all flying through west, +- 45 Guillemots , Gannets, Fulmars, paired up at cliff nest sites, Oystercatchers, Egrets, Herons, 4 Redshanks, 35 Mute Swans, 3 Little Grebes, Kingfisher

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