February 17th

February 18th, 2018

Happily and excitingly, we are still maintaining our brilliant high 99% Cetacean sightings record for this new, fabulous 2018 season. Also of interest, is we have now recorded three different species of Cetacean for this new season ahead which I’m truly delighted about! The three Cetacean species being Common Dolphins (interestingly, they have all been maternal groups with tiny new born calves and lots of juveniles), Risso’s Dolphins (this observation and recording on the 15/02/18 is my earliest ever record of Risso’s Dolphins in Falmouth Bay since I first started my dedicated wildlife cruise back in 2002/3) and Harbour Porpoises (of interest, yesterday we observed and recorded the smallest, tiny baby Harbour Porpoise that I have ever seen with its dear mother close at hand). This new born baby was quite literally no bigger than 8 inches… Tiny, tiny, tiny and so cute and endearing, bringing lots of “Oooooh’s and Ahhhhhhh’s” from all on Free Spirit today… always so joyful to hear… with their many cameras click, clicking away.

+-55 Common Dolphins, large spread out maternal group with 5 calves and 12 juveniles, 4 Harbour Porpoises from three different interactions including the mother calf.. calf new born and tiny @ 8 inches!! 30 Atlantic Grey Seals, 26 hauled out, 2 weened pups, Common Seal, possibly the only resident in Cornwall, 15 Great Northern Divers, high count, some groups having between 5 and 6 individuals, 4 Peregrine Falcons, two pairs at different locations, 2 Ravens, Gannets, lots, Razorbills, lots passing through offshore, Guillemots, lots offshore feeding, Kittiwakes, lots offshore, Fulmars, Oystercatchers, Little Grebe, Redshanks, Egrets, Herons, 32 Mute Swans, Buzzard, regrettably dead.. offshore.. a first recorded..

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