July 4th-5th

July 6th, 2018

Helloooo me hearties. With there never being two days the same, all dedicated wildlife cruises have their own element of excitement. WOW, WOW, WOW. These last two days epitomises why I not only just adore what I offer, share with you all and do, but why I always get so incredibly excited before each and every dedicated wildlife cruises I run. No matter what the weather is on the day, come rain or shine, storm or calm, I’m always as excited as a kid in a candy store irrespective of the weather, as being a passionate naturalist first and foremost, each and every dedicated wildlife cruise I do offers such a phenomenal diversity of outstanding and truly magical wildlife observations and some truly special and incredible interactions. Yesterday was indeed one of those truly phenomenal days with a capital PH as we not only recorded and observed multiple stunningly beautiful full adult summer plumage Pomarine Skuas up close and personal and then in full marauding haranguing mode chasing and pirating any unsuspecting Seabirds they came across, but we also observed and recorded THREE different species of Cetaceans on this extended 5 hour fun filled and exciting cruise.

Started with a dear little Harbour Porpoise, rolling like a cartwheel through the turquoise sea’s surface, its dark back catching the sunlight was glinting like a beacon for all to clearly see. Now if that’s not exciting enough and with a sea the colour of brilliant azure turquoise aquamarine and breathless too, my hawk like eyes were peeled and searching far and wide through my brilliant Swarovski’s optics. Low and behold if initially my first view of our second interaction, just with my naked eyes, didn’t pick up a distant white speck, flick a wing and dive, as literally that’s all I picked up and saw in the very, very distance of my eye sight and view. Sure enough at some +- 4 nautical miles, that initial distant spec of white turned into a clear and unmistakable distant WORK UP through the Swarovski’s. WOW. As ADRENALINE rushed through my core, calling out over the PA .. “WORK UP everyone at some 4 miles distant. We are throttling up and off we go.” Whooop whoooop Whooooopeee. Heheeee as this was our very FIRST substantial WORK UP for 2018 hence my boyish excitement. And sure enough, there at distance was several hundred Gannets wheeling and raining into the water like a blizzard, a cloud of tumbling snowflakes. Focusing in further .. underneath this distant blizzard .. splash, black, splash, black .. fabulous Dolphins in a feeding frenzy. Nothing quite as exciting I can assure you all, leaving tingles and euphoria rippling through us all as we were all treated to one of nature’s true spectacles and a true Blue Planet moment. Now phew, even writing this now has me all in a quiver. If that wasn’t exciting enough as there was some + 100 Common Dolphins rushing and feasting away with the Gannets vocalising, squawking away as they poured headlong into the aquamarine waters.

Never one to stop searching .. at a further mile from this incredible spectacular natural event and feeding frenzy, more distant splashes my eyes did spy. No birds above, just a series of distant fast moving splashes. Hmmmm, “Tally Ho me hearties”. This certainly requires further investigation. Having thoroughly enjoyed the feeding frenzy around, cameras having already clicked off hundreds of photographs and videos both above and below with GoPros recording, we were back on the wheels to investigate what was clearly going to be another magical moment. Our third species of Cetacean, this time and I do have to openly say this was so unexpected, so incredibly special and so incredibly privileged an observation and importantly documentation, as here rushing and leaping at speed towards us were multiple large dark Dolphins. My computer working overtime, crunching the visual data of their distant silhouettes as they came headlong towards us.. big dark and so many, WOW. Here, low and behold, was the often talked about but very rarely observed and recorded, rare OFFSHORE BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS, in a vast multiple moving travelling maternal pod comprising of some +- EIGHTY FIVE individuals, all incredibly in a truly playful boisterous and incredibly euphoric disposition. WOW, WOW, WOW. In all my years here working and searching through the rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth Bay, I have only ever seen and recorded this large offshore pod of Bottlenose Dolphins 3 Times. That’s how privileged we were yesterday. Their joyful, playful interactions saw us traveling some 7 miles with them as they interacted and played with us continually, giving us all some truly cherished memories. Photographs and videos will follow soon.

It’s always hard to put any of my wildlife sightings in to words but I sincerely hope these few words give you all the element of excitement that encapsulated us all. There is no better time than now as every year as we come in to the summer months and in to the autumn and winter, the phenomenal diversity of outstanding wildlife available throughout the rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth Bay can be truly exceptional and so incredibly exciting. There are regrettably never any guarantees as that’s WILDLIFE. But if it’s out there, rest assured, My gift is I will find it for you all to marvel at, photograph and thoroughly enjoy, as nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing my knowledge and passion for all wildlife with you all. Must dash, it’s back offshore I go .. PHENOMENAL just PHENOMENAL was everything we observed and shared yesterday. Wishing you had all been with me.

Harbour Porpoise, +- 100 Common Dolphins, feeding frenzy, +- 85 OFFSHORE BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS, maternal pod, traveling at speed, rare encounter, phenomenal experience, 3 POMARINE SKUAS, full adults summer plumage, 6 STORM PETRELS, Gannets, passing through and feeding, first WORK UP .. Guillemots offshore feeding and few at nest site as the bulk of their fledglings have now JUMPED, Razorbills, offshore feeding and a few at nest site as the bulk of their chicks have JUMPED, 9 MEDITERRANEAN GULLS, full adults stunning plumage, and juveniles, LITTLE GULL, juvenile, stunning bird, 5 Peregrine Falcons, family group and individual, 9 Ravens, family groups, 5 Buzzards, 4 Kestrels, 6 Oystercatchers, 9 Curlews, 3 Whimbrels, 5 Egrets, 3 Herons, Rock Pipits, Mauve Stinger Jellyfish everywhere, watch out if you are swimming!! Multiple shoals of small Bait Fish offshore, exciting to see

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