July 9th – 13th

July 14th, 2018

WOW what a week.. what a phenomenal five days it’s been. Excitement personified as we sight and record multiple Minke Whales over these 5 days, including a LUNGE FEEDING individual and a little inquisitive beautiful baby Minke at 12 feet who, whilst we were stopped, swam right over to Free Spirit and us all to say hellooooo. Ahhhhhh such a beautiful interaction with this lovely little friendly Whale. Multiple sightings of Common Dolphins including a mini SUPER POD of +- 400 individuals also brought squeals of excitement to all over the last 5 days, along with sightings of Giant Bluefin Tuna reported and those stunning White Beaked Dolphins, Risso’s Dolphins and Harbour Porpoise. The rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth Bay are fairly  bursting with Cetaceans and Marine Megafauna..

Interestingly, all the black balls of bait fish I have been recording and sharing with you all, finally I have been able positively identify them as tiny Herring fry, millions upon millions of these tiny 1 to 3 inch fry are balling up throughout the whole of Falmouth Bay, east, south and west. This truly is a phenomenon that I have never witnessed before in my long and exciting career as a professional wildlife guide and Captain. I always state openly that bait fish is one of the fundamentals, the key to bringing productivity offshore, as without the bait fish which everything, everything relies on, our seas, our oceans can appear absolutely lifeless.. So with Falmouth Bay absolutely rippling with these fabulous rich Herring fry, Falmouth Bay is super enriched, drawing in all of this magical Minke Whale, multiple Dolphin species and Bluefin Tuna activity.

Now today again happily epitomises why I just adore and love doing what I do best, why each and every dedicated wildlife cruise I run is so exciting, because you just never know what you are going to sight and observe next. In all my 38 years traveling and working offshore around this fabulous and beautiful world of ours, I have only ever witnessed and observed these mysterious and magical exciting creature three times before. So today when from completely out of nowhere, no warning whatsoever, from the sea’s surface quite literally opened up and out like a Polaris missile, erupted a glistening and glorious 9 Foot THRESHER SHARK not once but TWICE, it’s long whip like ten foot tailing flicking like a demented sea serpent as it propelled it skywards. I’m sure you can understand firstly, our utter, utter amazement and our pulsating adrenalised excitement.. WOW.. what a sight to behold, what a truly incredibly privileged sight to behold. All due without doubt to the super productivity that all these tiny herring fry are bringing into the rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth. If the bait fish hold, more and more outstanding Megafauna and Cetaceans will be recorded. There is no doubt in my mind there, such is the productivity of bait fish.. so it’s most certainly exciting times ahead….

5 Minke Whales, from a tiny 12ft baby to 18footers, total seen now for 2018 twenty three, total +- 750 Common Dolphins, multiple pods including maternal pods and a mini super pod with +- 400 individuals covering a half mile of sea, 7 Harbour Porpoise, multiple sightings, mother calf groups and individuals, 6 WHITE BEAKED DOLPHINS, first for 2018, GIANT BLUEFIN TUNA, large shoal sighted to us feeding offshore.. Risso’s Dolphins sighted to us, small family group, 1 THRESHER SHARK TWICE BREACHING, 9 footer, incredibly exciting to witness, such a privilege, 7 Oceanic Sunfish, including breaching individual, 7 Atlantic Grey Seals, SOOTY SHEARWATER, individual first for 2018, Manx Shearwaters, lots offshore feeding with Minke Whales, 7 Storm Petrels, Fulmars, lots offshore, Gannets, lots offshore and feeding, Guillemots offshore, Razorbills offshore, 7 Puffins flying through including this year’s tiny fledged chick, Peregrine Falcons, whole family with this year’s two fledged chicks, 5 Buzzards, 3 Kestrels, 4 Ravens, family group, Mediterranean Gulls everywhere, lots of full adult summer plumage beauties and juveniles, Curlews, Egrets, Herons, 35 Common Scoters, big flock, bait fish everywhere, multiple black balls of Herring fry, joey Mackerel and adults fizzzzing, brezzzzing and bursting throughout Falmouth Bay.

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