May 1st – 10th

May 14th, 2018

Hello me hearties. Well what a truly delightful and fabulous run of weather we have all shared recently.. temperatures happily starting to arrive, leaves and spring flowers bursting forth, Phytoplankton blooming and sunshine.. Whoooopee finally. The recent may day bank holiday was just glorious, in fact the weather and sea conditions offshore resembled a sheet of glass, not a breath of wind or even a ripple across its mirror calm surface, apart from the ripples being left by some truly ENORMOUS BASKING SHARKS which was so special to see them once again, one female in particular over 9 metres in length.. HUGE.. her girth clearly 3 metres, possibly indicating she was pregnant.. here’s hoping. Now if that wasn’t exciting enough and over a nine day period, we located observed and recorded some eight Basking Sharks, ranging in length from a tiny in comparison, metre and a half juvenile, followed by a four and a half metre, a six metre, several around seven/seven and a half metres, and that beautifully impressive and jaw dropping beauty at some nine metres. Just the sheer dimensions, the girth and the overall volume of that impressive lady leaves you in total awe. I always get a tingle down my spine whenever I am so privileged to record them as they are so prehistoric, this particular lady one of my biggest ever. Everyone so privileged to interact with her left completely breathless, eyes on stalks and jaws open wide, in total awe of her majesty and sheer presence.

Minke Whales too I’m thrilled to inform you, have also been popping up everywhere, predominantly inshore. Seven, we were able to observe and record in just four days, ranging in sizes from a juvenile at 12 feet to sub adults at 18 feet, again leaving us all in a tremble of excitement… whoooooa. Risso’s Dolphins, Common Dolphins and Harbour Porpoise have also been recorded and showing well. Seals have reduced in numbers leaving just a resident few, the majority we recorded earlier now dispersed to their summer feeding haunts. Ravens have fledged their ravenous chicks, female Peregrines sitting, and our local Seabird colony busy and active with lots of hustle and bustle now, seeing me observing and recording Bridled Guillemots on every brief visit. Swallows have been pouring in from offshore and Swifts have now finally arrived, first bird seen 2nd May.

With the weather forecast once again settling and improving right through this coming weekend and into next week, potentially we could get another RUMBLE another POPPING UP of Basking Sharks. They are most certainly here now but currently down. Hopefully with this lovely forecast coming in again for next week, Plankton will bloom and rise and with that, hopefully UP they will come once more. If anyone would like the chance of seeing Basking Sharks, next week is potentially your best chance as their brief visit to Cornwall is only for a few short weeks now, May being the very best time with a possibility of them showing again in June. So if anyone would like to join me next week, my dedicated wildlife cruises are available daily throughout the week. Please feel free to email or phone 01326 316098. There are most certainly some exciting times and wildlife adventures ahead. For more detailed sightings of the previous week, and some recently captured videos of these Sharks, please visit our Facebook page

8 Basking Sharks, one female @ 9m, 1st Sunfish for 2018, 7 Minke Whales, from Juveniles @ 12feet to sub adults @ 18feet, +- 187 Common Dolphins, maternal pods, lots recorded one day, six individual groups, 12 Risso’s Dolphins 12, all big adults some pure white, 9 Harbour Porpoise including a mother/calf, showing well most days in the calm conditions, Seals seen on every cruise, residents now, Great Northern Divers recorded on every cruise, most all in their spectacular full summer plumage now, best day 18 with 8 in one raft, 9 Black Throated Divers, regular viewings, Peregrine Falcons, females sitting, males active, Ravens with fledged chicks, Guillemots, offshore feeding and busy at nest site, numbers regrettably appear down from previous years, 3 BRIDLED GUILLEMOTS, Razorbills, lots passing through feeding and at nest site, numbers regrettably appear to be down on previous years, CHOUGH, single bird, Buzzards, Kestrels, Whimbrels, big flocks migrating and coming in from offshore, Sandwich Terns, Arctic Terns, Common Terns, Kittiwakes, Fulmars, Gannets, Manx Shearwaters, feeding and passing through, 14 Turnstones, one flock, Redshanks, Egrets, Oystercatchers, Swallows coming in from offshore, Swifts now over Marina and Falmouth, Red Kites coming through, seen over Falmouth and Lizard, Cuckoo heard cuckooooing, joyful, BARREL JELLYFISH

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