October 17th – November 4th

November 10th, 2018

Hellooo me hearties. Apologies for the delay in getting these lasting exciting sightings out to you all for this 2018 season. Regrettably, I have been struck down with the dreaded lurgy, a really nasty cold/flu bug and such a sore throat. Never known anything like it ughhh.. really knocking the stuffing out of me. However, if there is a positive, at least I can now take the time to recuperate and get my strength back again. As always, this is an exciting time of year for a whole diversity of outstanding wildlife. Divers in particular, both Black Throated and Great Northerns, gave us all some truly delightful and spectacular, up close and personal views, allowing everyone some brilliant photographic opportunities. There is nothing I adore more than hearing everyone’s cameras click, click, clicking away. We recorded a whole family group of Great Northern Divers with both adults and their two offspring present whilst searching through these productive and sheltered inshore bays.

I was delighted to re locate our very rare and precious dear little Common Seal, in fact recording it several times before we finished for this 2018 season. When the weather forecast allowed us to point Free Spirit’s bow offshore, we were treated to some spectacular showings of both Cetaceans and Giant Bluefin Tuna feeding together, joyfully seeing me record one more Minke Whale, giving me a new all-time record number of Minke Whales this year of FORTY NINE. I was hoping for fifty but I’m truly thrilled with the forty nine as that’s a high number.

I’m happy to share with you all that with your wonderful support, 2018 has been a truly fabulous year. The weather on the whole was just brilliant too, seeing us record another new record number of Cetaceans from last year’s high, which if you may recall came to some 5764 Cetaceans from seven different species. This year regrettably the number of species was down to just five different species.. our new all-time record number of Minke Whales, followed by Risso’s Dolphins and Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and in particular, the often talked about but rarely seen OFFSHORE Bottlenose Dolphins as I was incredibly privileged to record these large and boisterous Dolphins on many, many occasions, always in large family groups, the biggest group of some +- eighty individuals which was quite a sight to behold.. leaving those shy and endearing little Harbour Porpoise to make up our fifth species of which I was once again totally amazed to record another super pod of Harbour Porpoise numbering some +-150 individuals all as a hunting and feeding group, giving us a new high total of some 5925 Cetaceans which I’m absolutely delighted and thrilled to share with you all.

The two species I unfortunately failed to locate this year were those stunningly beautiful rare White Beaked Dolphins and the equally rare Humpback Whale. However both I’m delighted to say were happily seen passing through the rich and sheltered waters Falmouth Bay so all in all, with a Leatherback Turtle and some truly special and the brilliant Avian species we also recorded.. all those Puffins during may and some HUGE Basking Sharks.. it’s been another very, very exciting and incredibly special year. Thanks to you ALL for your wonderful support, keeping me and Free Spirit offshore on nearly a daily, if not twice daily basis. As you know, there is nothing I adore more than sharing my knowledge and passion for all wildlife with you all. My absolute joy has been sharing with so many families and their dear little children their first wild Dolphins and Minke Whales, their delightful, joyful squeals of happiness and joy pure music to my ears. THANK YOU so much everyone, I can’t thank you all enough.

Of note:-
Free Spirit is now out of the water for her annual maintenance along with some new and brilliant add-ons for your interest and comfort, so it’s exciting times ahead. She will be totally transformed and looking like a brand new boat when we are finished, seeing her relaunched next year in February for another exciting season ahead.

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