September 24th – October 6th

October 7th, 2018

Helloooo everyone. With one thing or another, mainly not enough hours in the day, I do apologise but I failed to post up last week’s sightings. However, with excitement and a beaming smile, here are my wildlife sightings for the last two weeks for you all to enjoy and share if you would like to. Once again, with there never being two days the same let alone two weeks the same, plus some changeable weather thrown in to the mix, it’s been exciting and incredibly diverse in the phenomenal species list and variety most surely has to be the spice of life with absolutely joy and euphoria in my words, I happily recorded my FORTY EIGHTH Minke Whale for this season, this time around a young individual at just 5 metres which happily gave us all some truly lovely, close up and personal views. I’m trying to achieve and record FIFTY Minke Whales if I can before Free Spirit comes out of the water this year for her scheduled maintenance and some exciting improvements, mainly focused on you, my fabulous and supportive clients, with improved comfort and weather protection plus a BIG SCREEN monitor for you all to enjoy as we are cruising along. So it’s as always, exciting times ahead.

Ospreys delightfully have continued to be sighted when we have had to take shelter from the worst of the weather by staying within the stunningly beautiful and vast complex of the Fal Estuary. One of my Osprey interactions lasted nearly an hour as this immaculate individual actively searched for fish, hovering and hunted around us before successfully diving headlong in to capture a large Mullet where it proceeded to fly right over the top of us with its glistening, silver wriggling prize gripped safely in its razor sharp talons, head first for balance and off to a nearby convenient dead tree where it happily proceeded to feast on its delicious meal, giving us all some outstanding and truly fabulous views of these large and stunning birds of prey.

I have to confess it’s hasn’t all been plain sailing and some of the recent dedicated wildlife cruises. Although we have certainly covered the miles in order to try and locate the very best wildlife possible, for you all to marvel at photograph and enjoy, several of the cruises regrettably were very quiet with hardly a bird or fin to be seen. That’s wildlife I’m afraid to say.. always so frustrating and always leaves me a tad saddened and anxious as I always like to deliver you all, the very, very best wildlife possible. Fortunately, these quieter days are few and far between, however it’s always frustrating when they come about and always leaves me somewhat saddened for those few who have experienced it. However, please rest assured as you will see from my all wildlife sightings listed below, most days are incredibly rich and diverse with a fascinating and exciting mix of outstanding wildlife.

October is always an incredibly exciting month as it’s the cross over from summer species leaving and winter species arriving, with vast shoals of returning Giant Bluefin Tuna in particular always adding an exciting edge to any day now offshore as these large and powerful fishes quite literally erupt and explode through and over surface of the sea, in their mass and explosive feeding frenzies. Please do wrap up warm now if you are considering joining one of my dedicated wildlife cruises as temperatures are falling and full waterproofs are always advisable. That way no matter what the weather is on the day you will all remain lovely and warm and cosy. Looking forward to sharing lots more exciting wildlife adventures with all.

Minke Whale, number FORTY EIGHT for this season, +-56 Bottlenose Dolphins, offshore mob individuals with calves, +- 478 Common Dolphins, many multiple sightings and interactions, maternal and bachelor pods, traveling, hunting and feeding groups, biggest group yesterday +- 167, +- 327 Harbour Porpoise, many multiple sightings, maternal pods, traveling, hunting and feeding groups, high numbers of these shy and endearing little Cetaceans, biggest group +- 45, Giant Bluefin Tuna, multiple sightings, covering acres of sea, explosive feeding frenzies, various size and year classes, smalls @ 50lbs to giants @ 750lbs, 15 Atlantic Grey Seals, mainly hauled out, one large male feeding 2 miles offshore, 2 Oceanic Sunfish, late recording, 2 Blue Sharks, finning on the surface, sea surface temperature 17 Celsius, 34 BALEARIC shearwaters, best single day count 12 passing through, 15 SOOTY shearwaters, best single day count 7, 67 Manx Shearwaters, best single day count 36, 12 BONXIE GREAT SKUAS, 9 ARCTIC SKUAS, light and dark phase, 2 POMERANIAN SKUAS, 8 PUFFINS, 4 yesterday, always a joy and quite unexpected to see at this time of year, +- 467 Kittiwakes, for a couple of days Falmouth Bay was alive with Kittiwakes, with multiple flocks with +- 30/70 individuals feeding, +- 124 Lesser Black Backs, passage migration, biggest group 36, Mediterranean Gulls everywhere, Gannets passing through and feeding, Guillemots offshore, winter plumage, Sandwich Terns 7 migrants, 4 Little Terns, Razorbills offshore, 15 Common Scoters, one flock, 8 Peregrine Falcons, 3 OSPREY, hunting and feeding, 12 Buzzards, 9 Kestrels, 3 Sparrowhawks, 7 Ravens, 45 Oystercatchers, 89 Curlews, several flocks of +- 32 individuals, 17 Greenshanks, biggest group 6, 12 Redshanks, 7 Turnstones, 45 Dunlin, 7 Ringed Plovers, 12 Golden Plovers, 4 Kingfishers, +- 500 Swallows, mass migration flock, 15 Egrets, 12 Herons, Rock Pipits,
Combe Jellyfish, 45 Fallow Deer

All in all honesty I think you will happily agree, a fabulous and exciting diversity of outstanding wildlife species. Exciting times ahead as the winter species start arriving like those stunning and magnificent Divers, Great Northern, Red and Black Throated, and their smaller cousins the Grebes.

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