April 21st

April 22nd, 2019

We had another spectacular trip on Easter Sunday and with the sea like a sheet of glass, the wildlife stood out so clearly. As we worked east along the coast we spotted the common seal among a few Atlantic greys, a dozen great northern divers and the extremely rare black guillemot which we haven’t seen down in Falmouth for around eight years as they are never usually found down in Cornwall, so this was a very exciting surprise! A short while after abandoning the coast and heading offshore, we spotted the unmistakable fins of a huge basking shark over 2 miles away. When we got closer, this beautiful 16ft shark swam slowly around us feeding on plankton, with the bright white of the inside of its mouth visible just below the surface and its large dorsal fin flopped over to one side.
Our first minke whale for 2019 was also sighted on this trip! We really had to search to find this juvenile minke after each time it dived for any length as it would pop up in completely different places, but eventually everyone on board got a great view of it surfacing a few times and the perseverance paid off. We also encountered 3 harbour porpoises, continuous barrel jellyfish, and occasionally a whole shoal of bait fish would break the surface creating a rippling effect.
Overall, a phenomenal and diverse range of species making it a very memorable trip. We run trips 7 days a week so if you are interested in joining one of our wildlife cruises, please visit our website http://akwildlifecruises.co.uk/ or phone 01326 753389 or 316098.

1 BASKING SHARK, 16ft, 1 MINKE WHALE, juvenile at 10ft, 3 Harbour Porpoises, 1 Common Seal, 10 Atlantic Grey Seals, 5 hauled out, 1 BLACK GUILLEMOT in full summer plumage, 1st sighting in 8 years, lots of Guillemots and Razorbills, most at breeding site, 12 Great Northern Divers, starting to see individuals in their full summer plumage, Fulmars, Gannets, Manx Shearwaters, 3 Curlews, 1 Shelduck, Ravens

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