August 1st

August 2nd, 2019

With mill pond conditions, we spent most of our trips offshore yesterday and were not disappointed! Harbour porpoises were sighted almost continually throughout the whole day and maternal groups of common dolphins were also spotted. A few of the calves can be seen bow riding in this footage. Lots of common scoters were recorded as well as huge work ups of gannets diving and Manx shearwaters, a great skua and several storm petrels. There was a great deal of activity further offshore too, as we got sightings of bottlenose dolphins, 8 minke whales and bluefin tuna all sighted to us yesterday!! 

+-76 Common Dolphins, multiple interactions, incluuding +-81 Harbour Porpoises, small groups plus individuals traveling or feeding, Storm Petrels, 1 Great Skua, +-43 Common Scoters, multiple flocks, 100s of Gannets, large work ups, 100s of Manx Shearwaters, large work ups, Barrel Jellyfish, Compass Jellyfish, Blue Jellyfish

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