June 26th

June 27th, 2019

A terrific diversity of species yesterday including another breaching sunfish, a dozen Mediterranean gulls, an Arctic Skua and several grey seals. The breeding site for the guillemots and razorbills is still very busy but we will likely start recording more chicks offshore as they fledge from their nesting ledges. The whole family of peregrine falcons was spotted along the coast which was lovely to see.

1 Oceanic Sunfish, breaching, 4 Atlantic Grey Seals, 1 Arctic Skua, dark phase, 1 Puffin, flyby, 12 Mediterranean Gulls, mixture of adults and juveniles, Guillemots, lots still at breeding site, 3 Bridled Guillemots, Razorbills, lots still at breeding site, Gannets, including this year’s brown juveniles, 100s of Manx Shearwaters, 5 Peregrine Falcons, 2 adults plus 3 fledglings, Rock Pipits, Barrel Jellyfish everywhere

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