May 25th

May 26th, 2019
Perfect conditions yesterday for an extended 5 hour trip and wonderful to see common dolphins as it’s been a little while since we last sighted them. This was a large maternal pod far offshore, due south of Falmouth and they swam over to bow ride along Free Spirit. We also had some fantastic encounters with the tiny storm petrels and puffins as well as hundreds of Manx shearwaters, but there were relatively few gannets. The breeding site is busy with guillemots and razorbills and we managed to pick out a bridled guillemot among them.
Spaces still available on trips during the half term holiday! 
+-32 Common Dolphins, maternal pod travelling west, 1 Atlantic Grey Seal, hauled out, 5 Storm Petrels, 8 Puffins, 4 Fulmars, 9 Gannets, all single birds, +- 350 Manx Shearwaters, fours/fives then a few big flocks +- 35/50, lots of Guillemots, offshore and at nest site, 1 Bridled Guillemot, at nest site, Razorbills, at nest site, lots of bait balls offshore, Barrel Jellyfish

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