November 23rd

November 25th, 2019

We had an awesome trip with SU MarineWatch and EcoSoc students yesterday. Before even coming out of the Carrick Roads we recorded a dab chick, several great northern divers and the one and only small common seal. We were pleased to also spot a few harbour porpoises whilst we were sitll close to shore as we haven’t seen them for a while and then we soon located our first large work up of gannets. As we reduced the gap between us and them, they showed up so clearly as hundreds of bright white flashes against the murky conditions, all plunging into the sea… a nice distraction from the rain before the weather cleared up properly! There were a large number of common dolphins feeding below these birds as well as more groups in other areas. We likely won’t be running many more trips before the end of the year so please do get in touch if you’d like to book.

+-130 Common Dolphins, multiple interactions, 3 Harbour Porpoises, 1 Common Seal, Carrick Roads, few Giant Bluefin Tuna, feeding among the dolphins, Great Northern Divers, 2 Little Grebes, high number of Kittiwakes, high number of Mediterranean Gulls, 100s of Gannets, few large work ups, many diving, Guillemots, Razorbills, 2 Whimbrels

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