October 2nd

October 2nd, 2019

We finally had a calm spell in the weather and were keen to make the most of the lovely conditions by heading out to sea. Shortly after leaving the marina as we came up Penryn River we heard and then spotted a kingfisher flying past. Offshore there are few Manx shearwaters remaining but among these we did record 3 of the much rarer Balearic shearwaters. A few auks were seen in their stunning winter plumage and we enjoyed three separate, close interactions with harbour porpoises as we came back into shore. We took the opportunity to go and check on the seal pup which we first recorded on 16th September, as we were concerned whether or not it had managed to stay ashore following the strong westerly winds. Very sadly we believe it might have been washed away in the recent big seas as there was no sign of it from sea. Surprisingly however, we did spot a new born seal pup tucked away right at the back of the same little cove! This one is bright white and furry and less than a week old, with both of its parents keeping a close eye on it from the water… some kind of silver lining perhaps. 

9 Harbour Porpoises, 3 Atlantic Grey Seals, one tiny new born pup, 2nd for this year, with its parents in the water, 1 Kingfisher, 1 Heron, 3 Baleaic Shearwaters, +-18 Manx Shearwaters, 8 Kittiwakes, 2 Guillemots, winter plumage, 1 Razorbill, winter plumage, Gannets, few hunters and travelers

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