April 17th

April 19th, 2021
An incredible day offshore which started off with an unexpected sighting of a short eared owl, a first for us offshore! Shortly after, a basking shark was very kindly sighted to us by Chris from Newquay Sea Safaris & Fishing which remained on the surface feeding for a long while and swam around the boat a couple of times, occasionally popping its snout above the water. Footage to come. Offshore we had the most amazing encounter with a large maternal pod of Risso’s dolphins consisting of several mothers with calves. There was also an individual with a bent and injured looking dorsal fin among these animals but it didn’t seem to be affecting it’s swimming. A couple of bonxies were seen on our way back in as well as a couple of harbour porpoises, much tinier than even the Risso’s calves!
1 Basking Shark, 16ft in length, 2nd for the year, +-42 Risso’s Dolphins, including a large maternal pod, 2 Harbour Porpoises, 6 Atlantic Grey Seals, few hauled out, 1 SHORT EARED OWL, 2 ‘Bonxies’ Great Skuas, Fulmars, 1 Sandwich Tern, Kittiwakes, Guillemots, including two bridled, Razorbills, Gannets, Manx Shearwaters, 2 Swallows, 12 Whimbrels, flying through offshore

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