May 29th

June 3rd, 2021
Stunning glassy conditions again today which allowed us to spot a pod of around 60 common dolphins close to the horizon, leaping and feeding among shearwaters and gulls which came over to bow ride as we approached. Another two Arctic skuas were also seen offshore, harassing a group of gulls. A high sea surface temperature of 16°C was recorded offshore this morning! And our fish finder is recording an extraordinary quantity of tiny bait fish – some of these could be seen in huge dense shoals just below the surface and creating lines of rippled surface water. Lovely to see lots of beautiful boats offshore too in the build up to Falmouth Classics.
60 Common Dolphins, including calves, 1 Ocean Sunfish, breaching, 28 Atlantic Grey Seals, lots hauled out, 2 Arctic Skuas, light phase, 100s of Manx Shearwaters, including large feeding rafts, 1 Fulmar, Kittiwakes, +-200 Guillemots, most at breeding site, including one bridled, Razorbills, Gannets, 1 Blue Jellyfish, 1 Crystal Jellyfish, Compass Jellyfish

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