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Our Boat & Crew | AK Wildlife Cruises

Experience Unmatched Expertise and Comfort with AK Wildlife Cruises & Boat Trips in Falmouth, Cornwall

At AK Wildlife Cruises, we take great pride in providing exceptional experiences for our guests. Our dedicated crew and state-of-the-art boat ensure that your wildlife cruise in Cornwall is not only safe and comfortable but also filled with knowledge, excitement, and lasting memories.

Our Crew: Our crew members are passionate about marine wildlife and are committed to creating an engaging and educational experience for all passengers. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, they will guide you through the journey, sharing fascinating insights about the local ecosystem, wildlife behavior, and conservation efforts. Their friendly and approachable nature ensures that you feel welcomed and well-cared for throughout the cruise. We take pride in our crew's dedication to your enjoyment and safety.

Our Boat: We operate our wildlife cruises on a modern and well-equipped boat, designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for our guests. The boat is equipped with advanced technology and safety features, ensuring a smooth and secure journey. Its spacious layout allows for ample viewing opportunities, ensuring that you don't miss any of the breathtaking sights and wildlife encounters along the way. Whether you choose to relax on the deck or gather information in the indoor viewing area, our boat offers a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Safety and Sustainability: The safety and well-being of our passengers and the marine environment are of utmost importance to us. Our boat undergoes regular inspections and maintenance to meet the highest safety standards. Additionally, we adhere to responsible wildlife-watching guidelines, respecting the natural habitats and behaviors of the marine wildlife we encounter. We are committed to promoting sustainability and minimizing our ecological footprint, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy and appreciate the wonders of the ocean.

Join us aboard our boat, accompanied by our experienced crew, as we embark on a wildlife adventure along the captivating coastline of Cornwall. Discover the beauty of marine life, immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Book your wildlife cruise with AK Wildlife Cruises and let our dedicated crew and comfortable boat elevate your experience, making it an unforgettable journey into the realm of marine wildlife.



" Spirit of Our Seas " is based on a tried and tested Blyth 33 , twin-engined displacement catamaran and has been completely custom modified, to Capt Keith's exact specifications for your absolute comfort and assurance 

With her two, industry-leading and award-winning for their low emission and superb quietness, electronic D6 Volvo engines @ 380hp . 

Spirit of Our Seas ", giving her a fabulous range of superbly comfortable cruise speeds, up to her very fast sprint speed of 28knots.


This will allow us all, to venture safely forth in too many new areas East, South, and West out of our wildlife-rich and sheltered waters of Falmouth Bay. 


Meet the AK Wildlife Cruise Team

The Crew working with Captain Keith will be with you on the day

A multi-award-winning wildlife & sight-seeing eco-tourism cruise. Including whale & dolphin watching, snorkeling adventures, filming trips, corporate hire, special occasions
wise master award for ak wildlife

We are WiSe Master accredited

The WiSe Scheme is a training program all about watching Marine wildlife the wildlife-safe way!
The UK is home to a fantastic variety of marine wildlife, whether visible from the shore or from a boat. However, these wild animals are vulnerable to disturbance if not encountered in a manner that respects their wild nature. The aim is to promote responsible wildlife-watching, through training, accreditation, and raising awareness.

Book your Wildlife Cruises & Boat Trips in Cornwall

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