Bottlenose dolphins
Bottlenose dolphin
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National Whale & Dolphin week 27th July-2nd August! This is where we go mad, out everyday in search for cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises), Last year we had 357 cetacean sightings during this event.

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Sit back and enjoy a couple of stunning wildlife videos we have recorded, you can find more incredible videos from our regular sightings on our video page.


Our most incredible sighting last year was an unexpected pod of White-beaked dolphins, which are very rare off the coast of Cornwall. One of our crew memebers was able to get great photo's of their dorsal fins so the photos could contribute to MarineLifes ID catologue. We found that it was the same pod that are regular visitors to Lyme Bay and we were delighted to spot a new calf within the pod. 

White-beaked dolphins are robust and quite stocky built with a short beak and reaching a maximum length of 3.1m. They are primarily characterized by its short thick white beak and pointed dorsal fin. The White-beakeds are found in the Atlantic Ocean, in Northen parts, the North Sea and the English Chnanel.

These dolphins are acrobatic and social animals, frequently bow riding and jumping. Check out our video below, filmed by Ross Wheeler and Isara Edgar.  




 Meet at 9:30am sailing at 10am returning 5pm Sailing from Premier Marina, Falmouth Marina, TR11 2TD in the car park.

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Storm Petrel with GBBG by Jon Irvinephoto by Jon Irvine


Dolphins by Callum Leyden

photos by Callum Leyden

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December 31st, 2013